About me

Art has always been an outlet for me.  I took art classes in high school and college concentrating on drawing, design, and art history.  However, I pursued a different career and brushed my art talent to the side for years.  I turned back to painting when I ‘wrote’ an Icon of the Holy Face.  Now, my collection of original paintings in acrylic, ink, and oil continues to grow.  I thrive in the stillness and silence while working on a new painting!  Years ago, I learned how to make mission rosaries at my local parish.  I was reminded how much I much I liked working with my hands!  After buying supplies from the Holy Land, I started making corded olive wood rosaries for my Etsy shop.  I feel blessed to offer handmade rosaries alongside my original Catholic art.  Lord, continue to bless the work of my hands!

Thanks for visiting my website.